Everything Everything on BBC Radio 1

http://balakam.com/search/item?id=16443183 – Happy Tuesday! Everything Everything are in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge next Tuesday – 02/04! Don’t forget to share!


Pet Sounds & Woodface on BBC Radio 2

http://balakam.com/search/item?id=16443188 – tomorrow, 10 pm London time: For the next six weeks, Johnnie Walker of BBC Radio 2 is joined by music writer David Hepworth to analyse the making of famous albums, two in each programme.
First off the press is one that has made it to the top spot in the 100 greatest album polls of MOJO, the NME Magazine and The Times and came second on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest. It is, of course, Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.
The second half is given over to another band of brothers, Crowded House, and their third album Woodface. As it was with the Wilsons, so it went with the Finns, and fraternal love was replaced with fracas.
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